B2MA makes sure that the acquisition of key equipment and infrastructures will meet your expectations. Fabrication surveillance allows you to avoid receiving defective equipment which can lead to important monetary losses affecting your commitments (including delivery dates) to shareholders and investors.

Our operating methods are flexible: we can either follow the client's methodology, or use our own processes.

First, we perform a risk analysis on the components to be fabricated or assembled. Then, we prepare a detailed budget describing the necessary operations and inspection steps required to ensure an optimal product performance.

B2MA interventions allow you to get a clear overview of all the fabrication processes, so that you can make informed decisions based on verified facts, provided by our personnel on site.


Our specialists will join your project’s team, allowing you to benefit from his specialised expertise in fabrication to ensure the optimal functionality of your equipment at the end of the project. Fabrication surveillance consists of ensuring that all the requirements (including codes, standards and applicable laws) specified in the contractual documents are met.

Our team acts with diplomacy and tact to ensure the best collaboration with the supplier to allow fabrication to proceed with transparency, with the client’s best interests in mind.

All of our team members work closely with the clients by providing progress reports regularly. Also, all team members are readily available and can be reached quickly (by phone or email) to answer any questions regarding the project status. Our team members listen to the clients in order to meet more effectively their needs. The collaboration status of all members on the project (clients-suppliers and B2MA) is updated regularly.

Our services are available nationally as well as internationally.

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You acquire a production infrastructure or equipment

In order to reduce the risk of significant investments, B2MA ensures that all contractual requisites, notably orders, specifications, drawings, are met throughout fabrication. B2MA makes sure that the purchased asset will perform well and will have the expected life expectancy. Our personnel get involved in all aspects of the fabrication process, including (but not limited to) planning, quality control, non-compliance, welding and surveillance, from the start of the project to the delivery and installation.

You add a new supplier

In order to reduce the uncertainty of working with a new supplier, B2MA makes sure, that this supplier has the required resources to complete the project on time and successfully. Afterwards, fabrications step and project deadlines dictate the Surveillance level required from our team.

Your suppliers are in a remote location

In order to reduce risk during fabrication, B2MA travels to the supplier’s location in order to make sure fabrication is compliant with your requirements.

No matter where the manufacturer is located, we can provide local and internationally qualified resources.

You want to have the best project team available

In order to reduce inherent risks tied to the fabrication process, B2MA technical personnel join your team and bring different and complementary knowledge. Fabrication processes are thus better controlled and monitored.

You wish to maintain optimal equipment performance

In order to reduce risks associated with equipment failure after start up, we make sure that all fabrication processes are compliant with codes and standards applicable as well as with all the designer’s requirements. B2MA is present during critical stages to make sure all fabrication and quality control operations are compliant.