Fabrication Surveillance

B2MA makes sure that the acquisition of equipment and infrastructures at the heart of your operations will meet your expectations. Fabrication monitoring allows you to avoid acquiring flawed equipment which will lead to important monetary losses affecting your commitments to shareholders and investors. The same applies to meeting delivery dates for your clients.

Benefits of B2MA fabrication Surveillance:

Fabrication oriented risk analysis
  • Targeted and structured interventions.
  • Well-defined budget estimates.
  • Decrease of risks linked to defective equipment.
Custom-made interventions
  • Providing relevant information related to client’s need.
  • Improving the decision making process.
Team expertise
  • Added value to your project team responsible for the fabrication process.
Team’s professionalism
  • Generate a positive relationship with the suppliers.



B2MA proceeds with full transparency while conducting inspections because we do not have any interests in the sale of the inspected equipment. We can perform inspection on new and on operating devices. These interventions inform you on the condition of equipment and infrastructures at the heart of your operations and allow you to make informed decisions regarding their maintenance or replacement.

Specifically, we offer specialised inspections and certification of lifting devices, such as:

  • Cranes
  • Gantries
  • Hoists
  • Cranes (mobile, jib, wall, tower)
  • Scissor lifts
  • Manlifs /boom trucks
  • Fork lifts
  • Mobile concrete pumps
  • Hardware: Spreader bars, chains, slings, handling equipment (manual or motorized), etc.

Benefits of B2MA inspection

Quickness action Client is notified quickly of the condition of inspected equipment.
Versatility B2MA team can inspect more than one equipment per intervention.
Availability We can perform inspections all across Canada.