B2MA Uniqueness

B2MA Uniqueness

B2MA Surveillance and inspection technical services are mainly aimed to businesses wanting to reduce the uncertainty inherent to acquiring or using equipments posing risks regarding the financial or environmental aspect or the health and safety of workers.
Common examples are:

Financial Risk Premature failure of key equipment can lead to loss of revenue or contract breach.
Environmental Risk Leaks on storage tanks or pipelines may cause environmental damages.
Workers Health and Safety Risk Failure of rotating or lifting devices may cause injuries to workers.
B2MA experience inspection personnel will help the operators to lower maintenance costs while insuring optimal performance of key equipment or infrastructures.

We work closely with our clients to reduce these risks and minimize the consequences of these failures by monitoring fabrication and by inspecting equipment and infrastructures.

Our employees and partners specialized in fabrication make sure that your equipment and infrastructures are compliant to reduce maintenance costs and to ensure operations without downtime.

With their certified engineers and technicians, B2MA offers efficient services and solutions:

Efficiency Interventions are performed at lowest possible cost.
Customized We provide professional services according to your requirements.
Working with us means you can make informed decisions on equipment and infrastructures fabrication.

We make a commitment towards prioritizing working environment where health and safety are dealt with without compromises.